About Us

Sery Shop was created to give you a better customer experience by combining a close collaboration with local suppliers and multiple research of the local market. Our aim is to provide a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.
As well, we are not forgetting about our worldwide mission – “Let’s act together”. Climate change has been widely recognised as one of the most significant challenges facing the global economy. We want to create a low carbon footprint community and bring your commitment to have a positive impact on how we want to live tomorrow.

Sery Shop has been delivering results since beginning of our online store and now we are holding stock in various warehouses in the United States and Europe.
We are an ever expanding business, looking to develop our product line and stock the latest marketing trends.

We are hobbyists, gadget lovers, travellers, photographers and obsessed with the different creative possibilities made available with modern technology. From our Founder and all the way to our customer service team – we all share the passion for fashion and trends.